Before he was a news cameraman for KPIX/CBS, Hank Schoepp was a photographer's mate in the United States Navy and an animation cameraman at Walt Disney Studios.  His military tour (1953-1957) involved a myriad of assignments: picture documentation of fleet manevers, missile launches and aerial reconnaissance photography among them.  His entertainment tour (1958-1960) included work on the full-length animated features Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmations, one frame at a time. 

Ultimately, Schoepp's career path, as originally planned in the film industry, took a different turn.  Instead of being the member of a camera crew telling a story through images over a given period of time, he found himself telling visual stories on his own each day while shooting the news for television.

The author is blessed in abundance through his family: a son and four daughters, twin grandsons and five granddaughters.  Having retired from the video firing line, he now lives with his wife Drue in Las Vegas, following the news on television like most everyone else: as spectator rather than participant.

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